Distributor Committees

ElectronicPartner is a buying group that considers itself a service provider for the affiliated companies. For this reason, members of the EP: brands and comTeam can elect their own representatives, who regularly discuss and coordinate with the management of ElectronicPartner in their own committees in the interest of all members.

At MEDIMAX, the regional representatives are responsible for this dialogue. They bring their experiences from the PoS to bear on all important decision-making processes.

EP: Supervisory Board

  • Ralf Deuber (EP:Deuber)
  • Kristof Loll (EP:Loll)
  • Thomas Meißner (EP:Meißner)
  • Fred Pahl (EP:Pahl)
  • Jacqueline Posner (EP:Fischer)

comTeam Advisory Board

  • Burkhard Fels (Siecom IT-Systemhaus GmbH, Dresden)
  • Matthias Kunert (cubeoffice GmbH & Co. KG, Magdeburg)
  • Verena Müller-Thiel (C & P Capeletti & Perl GmbH, Hamburg)
  • Laalak Nassiri (LN-IT GmbH, Ahrensburg)
  • Sascha Neininger (Neininger GmbH, Donaueschingen)
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