Michael Haubrich appointed to the ElectronicPartner supervisory board – Volker Marmetschke is the new member of the management board

Michael Haubrich moves from the ElectronicPartner management board to the supervisory board. Since 2010 he has been a member of the buying group’s management team with responsibility for the areas of accounting, finance, taxes, legal issues, auditing, IT and human resources.


With the appointment of Michael Haubrich, another member of the family of owners is now on the supervisory board. This ensures continuity in the Group’s strategic orientation and will also establish a close connection between shareholders and operational management for the future. Other members of the supervisory board are Prof. Stefan Feuerstein, Hartmut Haubrich (Chair), Rüdiger Haubrich and Dr Christian Mielsch.

This transition, effective 1 April 2019, results in changes in the ElectronicPartner management board. Volker Marmetschke (who holds a degree in Business Administration), will be the new member of the management board responsible for the areas of accounting, finance, taxes, auditing and legal issues. He already has responsibility in most of these areas since he started as a division manager at ElectronicPartner about 15 years ago.  Born in 1962, he is a certified tax consultant and auditor and previously held positions in retail management and auditing. Friedrich Sobol will take over the areas of IT and human resources in addition to the complete responsibility for MEDIMAX, logistics and for Cooperation Germany. Karl Trautmann will continue to manage all of the international activities of the buying group, the technology network comTeam, and public relations for ElectronicPartner.