On course for success: growth of ElectronicPartner surpassed the market in 2010

2010 was a successful financial year for ElectronicPartner. The confederation saw higher growth in crucial success figures. The company increased central sales in its German core market by 9.8 per cent to EUR 1,645 million and, therefore, grew more than the market. Growth of most of the ElectronicPartner national companies was also greater than market level. Compared to the previous year, central sales of the confederation in Europe rose by 5.8 per cent. to EUR 2,309 million.

“We are very satisfied with performance in the year ended. Our market position has improved, we are back on course for growth”, commented Dr. Jörg Ehmer, spokesman for the ElectronicPartner managing directors.  Sales in the year ended were driven not only by the Football World Cup, but also by the telecommunications business area. The number of easyTel mobile-phone contracts concluded was significantly higher than the general market trend. The total amount of commission paid was higher accordingly: ElectronicPartner distributed around EUR 70 million to its members.

The impact of the confederation also rose in 2010: the number of members internationally increased to 5,596 – growth of 2.1 per cent. The number of members in Germany rose by 1.1 per cent to 3,289. MEDIMAX also constantly increased the number of locations: nine stores opened in 2010, now making a total of 112 MEDIMAX stores.

ElectronicPartner at international level
Alongside activities successfully implemented in the past year, many new changes will take place in 2011 – for example, in the foreign business of the confederation. As well as concentrating on existing business in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria, ElectronicPartner intends to open up profitable new markets. “We are consistently pursuing our course for expansion within Europe and aiming in particular for strategic partnerships”, explained Dr. Jörg Ehmer. “We have just agreed on cooperation with Radio Popular for the Portuguese market. We are convinced that this cooperation will be of great benefit to both companies – and is a clear acknowledgement of the future of the specialist trade in Europe."

ElectronicPartner is also reorganising the market in Italy. Nationwide activities in Italy will cease with effect from 30 April 2011. In future, the company will focus on selected members in Northern Italy, who will be supplied by ElectronicPartner Deutschland.

Strong brands
The strategic brands of the confederation represent another keystone in the concept for the future and are simultaneous growth drivers. Numerous activities involving the brands were launched over the last few months. A new nationwide campaign has been advertising MEDIMAX consumer-electronics stores since the beginning of 2011 and giving the brand a clear profile. The EP: specialist trade aims for a completely revised store design and has introduced innovative marketing tools at the POS like E-posters and POS-TV. Moreover, the comprehensive range of services, primarily in sector of modern services like managed services and cloud computing, has enabled the comTeam systems manufacturers confederation to further expand its position.